Choosing a dishwasher turned into an extremely enlightening experience.  First off, I should share, of the major appliances I expected the dishwasher selection to be the easiest.  Everyone seems to have nothing but high regards for Bosch dishwashers.  I recall from years ago Consumer Reports magazine consistently rated Bosch with top marks.  If that happens to still be the case, then this should be a no-brainer barring an extraordinary price.


A little history to share.  A few years ago it was time to replace our dishwasher.  I don’t recall the motivating factor, which is strange, because there must have been some reason.  I do recall, however, doing a bit of research, again relying on Consumers.  Bosch were top rated, but Kenmore’s were “Best Buys”.  Sears was having a sale on Kenmore, plus if you opened a Sears charge account you received a rebate (or something to that effect).  We ended up buying a higher-end, but not the highest Kenmore.


Now, the interesting part.  I grew up always having a dishwasher in the house.  I actually remember dishwasher shopping with my father.  Now this is really bringing back memories.  I think we bought a KitchenAid from a rather odd department store named Gem.  {I’ll have to ask my parents whether actually happened.}


Anyway, we generally rinsed (washed) our dishes before they went into the dishwasher.  Somewhere along the line, I turned into an adult and that habit never stopped.  My wife (no criticism here) insists on putting nearly clean dishes into the dishwasher.  I’ll bet ½ of America does the same.


In an early discussion with our kitchen guy, we explained our dirty dish handling process.  He told us to stop washing the dishes and trust the machine.  It’ll save time, it’ll save water, it’ll actually let us use the machine.  In one of our trips to an appliance store, the salesperson told us the same thing.  At another appliance store, we again heard the message.  At a third store, the salesperson explained that modern dishwashing soap contains enzymes.  Enzymes, he exclaimed, need dirt and leftover food to attack otherwise they’ll etch glasses and put wear and tear on silverware and the very same dishes that they want (“want”) to clean.


Not to be disobedient, we started putting dirty dishes into the dishwasher.  Guess what!  They actually come out clean.  Wow, it’s amazing.  All these years, to imagine.  I’ve quickly adopted this new process.  Dump plate into the sink.  Place dish into dishwasher.  Repeat.  My poor wife, long held habits are hard to break.  We’re seeking a 7-step program to rid her of the addiction of putting clean dishes into the dishwasher.


We chose a Bosch.



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