Very busy week starting with Tuesday.  The crown molding went in.  Bam, Bam, Bam and poof – the kitchen is infinitely more polished.  And the beautiful wood shelves were installed.  Amazing what a little wood and wonderful craftsmanship can make such a difference!

Crown molding









We’ve got three different cabinets with glass doors.  They need glass.


Butler's Pantry light moved

Butler's Pantry light moved

sink wall

hutch cabinet

hutch cabinet

Our kitchen style is eccletic.  We clearly have a more contempory look going on with the stainless steel fridge and modern hood.  The details in the woodwork are more from the traditional point of view.


Clear Textured Bubble

Clear Textured Bubble


Clear River Ice

Clear River Ice


Clear Wave

Clear Wave



What to do with our glass?

Link to great glass choices

Would appreciate opinions.

Today was a day worth the wait.  (I’m sure I’ll think that many times in the days and years ahead.)

The upper cabinets were installed.  Not one, not one wall – all of the uppers.  Wow!

And the island sink faucet was hooked up, the drain was hooked up.  Wow – running water again.

We used our kitchen sink!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?  Granite for the garden window base?  Gas for the cooktop?  A panel on the dishwasher?  Panels on the cabinet bases and sides?  A surprise?

more info

height=”225″ />

On the twelfth day of construction, we were given the installation of the rest of the base cabinets, excluding the island.  Our appliances were brought into the kitchen from the garage by appliance guys.

The list of what is left to do is a mixture of a bunch of little things and some pretty major ones, too.  On the big items list we have yet to pick the granite and have it installed, the island needs to be installed, the appliances need to be installed, all of the uppers need to go in, the hood and dishwasher, the main sink and faucet, the new sink and plumbing, the garbage disposal, the water filter, … wow, this was a bigger list than I thought.

On the little things list … surely longer than the big things list.  On it:  about a million little finishing touches to the cabinets, the new high hats, the island lighting, the vent covers, the in cabinet and under cabinet lighting, the tile replaced in the pantry, the light over the table portion of the island, the drywall on the back of the half-wall, the glass in the cabinets doors, the low voltage transformers, the hood vent …. yes, another long list.

Oh, and painting.

On to today’s pics:

The sink bases


The window seat (center drawer holds hanging files)


Our half-wall bookcase replacement


The bottom of our new hutch


New appliances just waiting …


Yet another new home for the old fridge


Day number nine brought the cabinet guys.  They spent the day becoming acquainted with the puzzle pieces they’d need to put together to form what will become our kitchen.  A couple boxes opened yielded our beautiful nutmeg stained cherry cabinetry.  Anxiety and excitement levels are definitely increasing.

Day nine brought back the electrician for odds and ends, including running that big black cable through our basement to the electrical panel.  Not yet connected, but it’s all ready to go.

Late in the day, the drywallers returned to spackle and spackle and spackle.  These guys start late and work late.

Day 10’s highlight was the very first cabinets installed.  Mark this milestone.  The doors open (and close softly), the drawers open (and close softly).  They’re tall, nearly to the ceiling.

One of the drywallers came back and worked late into the evening spackling, spackling and spackling.  This guy is good.  I think he would have patched every dent, crack and hole anywhere in the house if we needed him to do so.

Day 11 ended with more base cabinets installed, the plumbing capped off, a gas line moved and our old fridge moved once again.

The ovens, microwave and fridge wall.

The butler’s pantry base.

Our poor old fridge must feel very displaced


The cooktop and sink base cabinets


Not too much happened today.  A huge Plato tractor trailer came full of our cabinetry.  Two hours later – it had filled our garage after the demolition debris had been removed.  By “filled our garage” I mean fill as in ceiling to brushing against the open garage door. 

Dinner … sadly, McDonald’s.

A wall of boxes fills our garage


Lots o’ boxes


A shot from overtop of the garage door



It probably seems like it’s been forever since I’ve updated … it has.

To bring you quickly up to speed:

  • We’ve pretty much decided on our layout
  • We’re decided on our cabinets:  Plato  (premium – I’m hoping this splurge is worth the extra money)
  • We’ve chosen beautiful cherry (nutmeg stain) cabinets for the perimeter and painted, charcoal cabinets for the island
  • We’re nearly, nearly locked down on the appliances
Wow – how did we get here?  So many decisions made!  (and still a bunch to go)
We’ve had an internal debate (mostly internal to my head) on whether our island is wide enough.  The issue is that we currently have a 36″ wide island.  As you know, we mix, bake, decorate, roll, mix and knead on our island.  We’re very used to using the entire width.  Reducing the island to 24″ (the plan) is a bit concerning.  The saving grace is that our island is now much longer and dog-legged into a wider section.
One consideration is Gaggenau ovens rather than Thermador.  The “Gagg” ovens, as they’re called, are absolutely stunning.  They’re very pricey.  The reason for consideration is that they have side opening doors rather than the traditional drop down doors.  My thinking is that we could possibly narrow the island.  Seemed like a reasonable thought, but I don’t think so.  We will visit the appliance place this weekend.
Another decision is whether we go with frameless or framed cabinets.  There is no cost difference.  After a bit of research, this choice is rather puzzling.  Frameless are often manufactured by economy brands.  But they’re also manufactured by some very, very high end companies.  Why?  Frameless are standard in Europe.  European design brings premium pricing.  Hmmm.
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