We’re getting so close.  The anticipation is building.

The week before, the day before, the day of … the beginning.

First, we had to empty our kitchen before it can be demolished before it can be rebuilt.  Lots of pics.

The empty “before” picture



My beautiful (now empty) book case

(my brother and I built this … well, my brother built this)

More emptiness … it’s never seemed so large

Our last drink

An empty pantry … wall and door to disappear

Our temporary bookcase

A space for our new “hutch”

Our temporary ktichen — formally a dining room

Storage, storage, storage

More storage .. this is going to be a long few weeks

1 Comment to “Three, two, one – lift off?”

  1. Lori - Sister Knee — February 5, 2009 @ 6:42 am

    The More Storage Room, formerly the fancy dining room…you are not protecting the floors. Is Pete freaking out?

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