It’s natural to like something brand new and shiny.  Kitchen appliances have the opportunity to fall into this category.

Our needs are typical:  refridgerator, double ovens, cooktop, dishwasher, microwave.

The process:  Research.  Go Shopping!  Research.  Go Shopping!  Research.  Dang it, go shopping.  Ugh, research.  Crap, go shopping.  Dreaded research.  Stumped.

First off, let me share that I can be a bit detailed oriented.  I apparently have an “analytical” mind.  Not sure what that means and I am not sure whether it’s beneficial.  I think.  I anaylze.  I digest information and spit out results.  I decide.  I form opinions.  I do these things well.  It has helped me in my schooling (computer science) and career (software and systems).  Professionally, I make decisions.  In my personal life, I tend to get bogged down and dread making bad decisions. 

Since the internet has come about, I find that I can get ridiculous about price shopping.  I’ve realized (and am working to correct) that it’s stupid to spend an hour or two or three to save a couple dollars when buying a few books. 

Appliances.  A few bucks.  Years of living with the decision(s).  Lots of decisions.  Lots of opportunities to research.  Opportunity to be a little anal. 

Where we are: 

  • At one of our kitchen design places, we ran into a Thermador 36″ French Door refridgerator.  Wow.  So big, so wide, bright, clean (SHINY), big freeze (to briefly store a cake before icing it).
  • Thermador Double Ovens seem to be in every store.  They’re very SHINY.  And importantly for us, they have a lot of glass.  We think we like lots of glass because we can see our goodies baking.  I like to open oven doors to have a look-see and she doesn’t like it when I do that, so the glass should make use both happy.
  • Our home has gas.  Our current oven and cooktop are gas.  Gas cooking seems superior (works for me).  Induction, hmm. 



  • A dishwasher should be an easy choice.  Everybody seems to love and recommend Bosch.

One thing I know … we need a few more visits to the appliance stores.

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