Back to the granite yard yesterday.  One slab of our Silver Galaxy is potentially salvagable.  A little chip, some cracking, a couple ugly black streaks ….

Ever so patient with us, our KD takes on another complete tour of the huge granite warehouse and yard.  No slab is left unturned (not really, but that sounds cool).  Nevertheless and (seemingly) miles later, we end back to where we started.  Is this one last piece salvagable?  Can the templates be arranged to work?  Are there more hidden cracks?

Clever planning, arranging and re-arranging allowed us to leave hopeful all will turn out well.  Myron from All Marble was ever so helpful despite the half-hearted push for us to choose “black” for the island.

While we were there we saw our perimeter granite already cut, polished and ready to go.  Very nice.  VERY nice.

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  1. Diego — February 7, 2017 @ 7:47 pm

    Yeah granite yards needs some planning.

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