It probably seems like it’s been forever since I’ve updated … it has.

To bring you quickly up to speed:

  • We’ve pretty much decided on our layout
  • We’re decided on our cabinets:  Plato  (premium – I’m hoping this splurge is worth the extra money)
  • We’ve chosen beautiful cherry (nutmeg stain) cabinets for the perimeter and painted, charcoal cabinets for the island
  • We’re nearly, nearly locked down on the appliances
Wow – how did we get here?  So many decisions made!  (and still a bunch to go)
We’ve had an internal debate (mostly internal to my head) on whether our island is wide enough.  The issue is that we currently have a 36″ wide island.  As you know, we mix, bake, decorate, roll, mix and knead on our island.  We’re very used to using the entire width.  Reducing the island to 24″ (the plan) is a bit concerning.  The saving grace is that our island is now much longer and dog-legged into a wider section.
One consideration is Gaggenau ovens rather than Thermador.  The “Gagg” ovens, as they’re called, are absolutely stunning.  They’re very pricey.  The reason for consideration is that they have side opening doors rather than the traditional drop down doors.  My thinking is that we could possibly narrow the island.  Seemed like a reasonable thought, but I don’t think so.  We will visit the appliance place this weekend.
Another decision is whether we go with frameless or framed cabinets.  There is no cost difference.  After a bit of research, this choice is rather puzzling.  Frameless are often manufactured by economy brands.  But they’re also manufactured by some very, very high end companies.  Why?  Frameless are standard in Europe.  European design brings premium pricing.  Hmmm.

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