Saturday was our granite shopping trip.  Jerry did a great job making the process of selection perfectly smooth and he set a great pace.  We had already spent several hours browsing through the thousands of slabs (hundreds of different types of granite).  We had already decided to use two granites; one for the island and another for the perimeter surfaces.  I was predisposed to a black granite with speckles for the perimeter.  The trick was to find a complimentary, coordinating island piece.

We went armed with the charcoal door matching the island, a wood sample matching the perimeter cabinets and a selection of 5 floor tiles.  We were able to reduce our choices down to 4.  Then we wandered outside for a bunch more.  We stumbled upon this grayish, redish, little brown, some black and copper speckled slab with a fairly wide vein running through it.  A daring vein.  A statement vein.

I wish I had taken a picture, but alas, I didn’t.

Samples are below.

for the island

the island surface


for the perimeter surfaces

for the perimeter surfaces


a day at the granite place

a day at the granite place


just a fraction of the place

just a fraction of the place

Waiting for granite shopping (that’s on us).

Drywaller doing a bit of this and this.

Electrician put in the remaining high hats and an outlet for the microwave and, and, and


We baked and look what popped out – an iTouch Cake.  We love the ovens (so far).

The oven baked wonderfully – a brand new chocolate chip pound cake and brownies.  We had an interesting time on makeshift countertops rolling the fondant and doing the decorating.

Days 17 and 18 were totally quiet.

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