Now that we’re committed.  Now that we have the big appliances on their way.  Now that we have our layout, our lighting plan, our cabinets ordered, our cabinet colors chosen ….. now what?

We still have a few decisions left.  Namely, our shopping list has been reduced to:

  • Main Kitchen Sink
  • Main Sink Faucet
  • Soap Dispenser
  • Water Filter
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Island / Prep Sink
  • Prep Sink Faucet
  • Granite Colors
  • Backsplash

This is, afterall, a pretty short list.  Wow – is that what it’s come down to after all of this time?

Oh, we also need to decide on whether to use an Air Switch for the garbage disposal or stick with the wall switch we currently use.

Day after tomorrow is the scheduled delivery day for our major appliances.  We’re well more than a month away from construction start, but our appliances had to be delivered prior to December 1 in order to avoid a Thermador price increase.

They’ll be living in our garage from now through January.

Microwave is also on it’s way thanks to a very generous discount offered through Panasonic Direct.  Thank you Panasonic.

We’re committed.  Money down – cabinetry ordered.  Expecting an early January start.

Will post layouts shortly.

Appliance decisions made.  Managed to actually negotiate dollars off.  Hurray.  Appliances ordered (to beat the December 1 Thermador price increase).  They’re scheduled to arrive next week – Wednesday – day before Thanksgiving.  Qualified for a $500 Thermador rebate.

Faucet shopping.   Sink shopping.

We’re excited.  We’re nervous.

We went granite shopping Saturday.

Our kitchen guy, Jerry, will be shopping with us when it’s time to make the real decisions (when construction starts).  This was just a “practice” run. 

We’re going to most likely use two different granites; one for the island and one for the perimeter.  A while back we ran into a nearly all-black granite with little flecks of gold colored sparkles.  Gorgeous.  Jerry tells us that when we go, we’ll change our minds.

Sure enough … we made the forever long trek to  to browse.  Wow.  Wow.  They claim 100,000 slabs of granite and marble (divided between three locations) and though we only visited one place, we were a bit overwhelmed.

So many colors, so many choices.  We brought along some sample tiles from our kitchen floor and cabinet samples to help choose.  Up and down the aisles we went.  Up and down.  Up and down.  Then the yard outside.  Up and down and all around.

It was a good and useful experience.  I have never seen so many colors, patterns, blends and textures.  WOW.  The comforting news is that there were enough choices that felt like they are in range.  Somebody who can coordinate colors will make our ultimate selections.

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