Another decision made, but not as easily as the fridge. 

We decided on the Thermador double convection ovens.

Thermador Double Ovens

Goregous, aren’t they?  Top rated in this month’s consumer reports!  Bottom rated for repair record.  Are we making a mistake because of that?  Our salesperson replied, “we get a lot of calls because people don’t read the owner’s manuals.”  Do I believe that?  No.  Do I believe that a little?  No.

Being concerned, I wrote Thermador.  They replied the very next day and assured me that they only provide the highest quality products.  Comforting.  The salesperson assured me that Thermador is a household name, an American icon.  Another salesperson told me that Bosch (a German company, well, maybe not German, but certainly European) bought Thermador before they folded.  An American icon.  Comforting.

Runner up … Dacor.  They make some beautiful ovens.  They heat fast, they bake evenly, they’re dependable, they’re terrific, they’re expensive.  Very expensive.  About 50% more than Thermador.  They’re American.  A salesperson pushed them pretty hard.  Our kitchen designer, with whom we have the utmost confidence with, personally has Dacor ovens.  He sells them, too.

We were looking for ovens with lots of glass (I like to peak).  The Thermador ovens we chose have very big windows.  There are some Dacors that have large windows, too.  But the two models that do have their special Discovery controller.  We already know how to cook.  The Discovery controller is ridiculously expensive, thus the Dacor ovens that would suit us are ridiculously expensive.  Darn.

But we’re happy.  Top rated oven.  Big glass.

Oh, and because the ovens and fridge are both Thermador (and only 24″ apart), we can get matching handles.  A plus.

Oh my, oh my!  We have arrived with some of our first decisions – appliances!

We decided on the Thermador French Door fridge.

  Thermador French Door

We compared this to the infamous Subzero 736.  How did we decide?  Dualing salespeople debated whether both had dual compressors.  Surely the SZ did.  Surely the Thermador does.  Yes, no?  YES!  The Subzero, it turns out, has no home for gallon containers without dedicating a full shelf to that height.  No door space for it.

The Thermador offers split shelves — cool.  The powershelf … hmmm … who cares?  I doubt we’ll find much use for it, but time will tell.   The Thermador is tall.  They’re both tall, but the SZ has the compressor at the top. 

We’re excited.  We made a decision and feel pretty confident with it.


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