No pics to share, but I’ll tell you we had a busy weekend in the kitchen.

We actually cooked a real meal from scratch.  Nothing much, but still we had the opportunity to do some food prep.  Chicken wings baked then broiled in the oven.  Simple, but real cooking.  Sunday was spent cooking a sweet and sour brisket for this coming week.  We also made homemade pizza.  The dough was great, but we still need to get used to the oven.  Finally, the evening was topped off with sweet breakfast rolls to take into the office on Monday.  Start to get some real use.

Friday went well for our kitchen. The beautiful granite was installed, bringing our kitchen a bit closer to completion.

The Black Galaxy is amazing to look at … like a star system filled with thousands of sparkling stars.

The Silver Galaxy island … wow. We’re more than happy with our choices. Certainly worth the extra time and trips to make it happen.

We ate our first meals at the table end … roast chicken, baked potatoes and steamed baby asparagus.  We played with “Convection Roast” for the first time.  Cool.

Phone call this morning … don’t expect us today.

We were warned there would be days with no work.  Today was one.

Dinner … diner food.

I have a problem.  Sometimes I get lost in the internet.  The mission starts easy enough:  Knowing what I want to buy, find the best price.

Google is great. is terrific. is top rate.  www.mysimon.comis comparitive. is the next best thing. 

Tabbed browsing in Explorer is wonderful.  No limits, it seems to the number of windows.  This place or that, this place or that.  Shipping included. and many other coupon sites help.  5% off, SUPERSECRET, TENOFF, SAVE5 … codes out the wazoo.

I ended up buying the two Franke sinks, a filtered water dispenser, a soap dispenser, a stainless steel cleaner, a drain filter and coordinating racks from  The two Kohler faucets were found at (with a 10% off discount coupon code).  Can’t wait for the deliveries.

Decisions made for our sinks and faucets!  (Every decision at this point is a hurray.)

Franke ORX110

Kohler Simplice (we won’t need or install the escutcheon).

What is an escutcheon?  Glad you asked:   a protective or ornamental plate or flange  I’m not referring to this escutcheon.  For additional information

Franke RBX110 for the island

Island sink faucet – Simplice secondary faucet … a bit smaller.

Finally  posting the layout.

Knee Kitchen

Knee Kitchen

Range Wall
Ovens Wall
Sink Wall
Hutch Wall
Half-wall Wall (formerly bookcase)

I have found the original builder’s floorplan for our home. We had our pick of floorplans for our house 15 years ago when we were building. A choice from about a dozen or so. We chose this layout for several reasons:
– open floor plan between the kitchen and the family room
– lots of southeasterly facing windows to grab the morning sun
– a passage way from the garage to the laundry room to the kitchen

builder's original floorplan

builder's original plans

The Existing Kitchen

The Existing Kitchen

A 360 degree shot of existing kitchen

A 360 degree shot of existing kitchen


We were definitely leaning toward a big, deep, rectangular sink. Lots of room for lots of pans.

That was then, this is now:

Franke ORX110
Franke : Orca Series ORX110 31″ Stainless Steel Sink

Our appliances arrived.  Wrong double ovens (Thermador Professional rather than Thermador Masterpiece) were part of the shipment.  Quickly rectified.

The Panasonic Microwave arrived from PanasonicDirect.  Checked it out.  It boils water very quickly!!  Looks pretty cool, too.



Now that we’re committed.  Now that we have the big appliances on their way.  Now that we have our layout, our lighting plan, our cabinets ordered, our cabinet colors chosen ….. now what?

We still have a few decisions left.  Namely, our shopping list has been reduced to:

  • Main Kitchen Sink
  • Main Sink Faucet
  • Soap Dispenser
  • Water Filter
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Island / Prep Sink
  • Prep Sink Faucet
  • Granite Colors
  • Backsplash

This is, afterall, a pretty short list.  Wow – is that what it’s come down to after all of this time?

Oh, we also need to decide on whether to use an Air Switch for the garbage disposal or stick with the wall switch we currently use.

We’re committed.  Money down – cabinetry ordered.  Expecting an early January start.

Will post layouts shortly.

Appliance decisions made.  Managed to actually negotiate dollars off.  Hurray.  Appliances ordered (to beat the December 1 Thermador price increase).  They’re scheduled to arrive next week – Wednesday – day before Thanksgiving.  Qualified for a $500 Thermador rebate.

Faucet shopping.   Sink shopping.

We’re excited.  We’re nervous.

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